Some family retro ornaments


I was preparing to go visit my aunt and uncle in Canada with my mother and wanted to make a more personal gift for them. My mothers side of the family has a long history of ginger ale as the family owned a company that made it for a couple of generations

so I chose that as my theme. First I found a picture on the web for the old bottles.

Then I pulled it into illustrator and worked out a vector version of it using the image as reference.

I then drew a bottle shape using a similar picture as a reference and did some score line shading for the top of the bottle since that part was traditionally colored green or gold and ended up with a decent looking ornament shape.

then off to the Glowforge after I loaded it up with some of the lighter colored hardwood (Maple?) I had to do a few minor revisions before I got the shapes I wanted separated into the right jobs so I could use raster, score and cut jobs. It cut nicely the first try. I could probably reduce the power of the score lines a bit still, but the darker lines they produced in the center look pretty cool I think.

I removed all the little protective paper bits and added some ribbons to finish them off and they look pretty nice. Now my mother and her brother each get one :slight_smile:

Weekly Highlights for the week of Dec 25, 2016

Wow. We get so carried away with complicated stuff at the office that sometimes we forget how cool simple 2d stuff can look.


That’s a great personalized gift and it came out great.


What a memorable gift! I’ll bet it will be their favorite.


I’m a big believer that something simple that is more personal is much better. But personal with a family as well as historical tie will make it treasured. You may have set the bar quite high for next year… and the next! ha!


Love the personalized touch…that will become an heirloom! :relaxed:


Really thoughful and very cool. They’re great!


Very cool project with personal meaning. The Glowforge excels at this. Thanks for sharing.


What a wonderful and thoughtful gift


Those turned out great! Nice job on the label rework. Very clean.


That’s soooooo cooooool!!!


Great idea, and execution to match! :sunglasses:


Came out good! Nice job on the vector


These are gorgeous! I definitely see my handmade ornament productivity going up next year :grinning: