Some fun mini projects tonight



One of our advisors, Cate, hosted an event tonight at GF HQ. Some odds and ends in our twitter feed:


Thanks for the heads up


Okay. The violins are wood. Makes sense.

What metal are the other cut outs?(the bee and android guy?)


I think those are acrylic (plastic).


Yup, acrylic.


@dan So you finally get home to do some tinkering at 1AM? Here at 4am, I think I’m a bit overdue for bed.

Also…acrylic that looks metal-ish…is going to be awesome for face to face table top RPG prop making!!


Actually just today @bailey was experimenting with some acrylic that has embedded glitter flakes - very cool stuff. Perhaps she’ll post a picture.


How wide is the laser beam? Is it different for different materials? How small is the bee?Is it difficult to cut in small materials, I mean if the laser makes the material move?


Here’s one discussion about beam width. Perspective is hard to get without any experience.


@Evelina: The bee’s acrylic is 3"x3", if I recall. The laser doesn’t touch the material at all although there’s some airflow from the fans - you can hold down the material with tape or magnets if it’s something very light, like a piece of paper.