Some good luck?


I have been lurking the last few, but not enough lurking to keep regular status. I expect that to change soon, hopefully. I’m also not one to pick a side when discussions get heated up, rather instead playing neutral and telling peeps to calm down, but that didn’t work last time so kept quiet.

I was approved for a loan, hope to get some funds by end of next week. This will provide a lot more breathing room and some time to my schedule, that won’t be filled with overtime from work.

Tax return will also get an influx of cash into household budget.

A local game and card shop was going to close it’s doors, but was able to turn things around and stay open for business-they buy a few things from me, so that helps.

I also just obtained a 3d printer from a forum friend here with one repair that needs to be done, after that, I’ll be able to make some nice minis and a few things I have planned for some board games.

We just got about 8 inches of snow yesterday, so hopefully the weather turns warmer soon!


Good luck, indeed. Glad to hear the traffic’s thinning on your road!
BTW, we’re looking at 18"-24" tonight through tomorrow.


Fingers crossed that it continues! :relaxed::ok_hand:


Trying to decide if worth risking marriage by driving up tonight to go skiing tomorrow with my son in 18-24" fresh powder (wife’s new ACL isn’t allowed to ski until next season) while leaving her to try and wrestle the 250lb snowblower through 18+"… She says “go”, but not sure she’s going to say “come home” after…


You gonna make her hobble-shovel while you’re gone? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Aaahhhh! Someone who knows the “it’s okay honey” is not what it really means…

Tread lightly :wink:


I only get concerned if she adds “if YOU think that’s a good idea”


Great to hear!


It’ll melt in a few days. Stock up on groceries.


And @PFI-Guy …Or if she says ‘Fine’ :grimacing:

@henryhbk - Don’t do it man! it’s a trap. She will get over it, go and not break a leg with your Son. The opportunities are finite.

'What did she say man? Can you go?"
“She said fine.”
“Oh, OK, maybe next time.”


Despite her urging I will stay home tonight (especially since after telling me she could handle the snow clearing, she then tells me she’s on call tomorrow so will be in the OR all day!)

I also looked and with winds predicted 30-50mph unlikely the lifts will be operating, so we can go up tomorrow evening and catch wednesday skiing…


Good to hear about things turning around. Snow. Some winter I am going to go where there is snow. It’s just been so long.


We got some today, almost 2 inches! I guess it missed you.


My wife and I have a running joke about the 18 or so definitions of “fine” in the dictionary :astonished:


Mmmmm… It’ll snow again. Buy only 1 wife per customer. :wink:


There aren’t any grocery stores that haven’t been stripped of milk & bread since Saturday :slight_smile:


I am glad to hear good news in your life :blush:


I’m one of those who thinks that life tends to have a balance of good and bad, and you certainly are due for some good. Here’s hoping for the best!


The luck… not the snow - right? :neutral_face:
Just wonderin…:thinking:


Chuckle! Yes, the good luck…wouldn’t want to be accused of starting a global cooling thing now… :wink: