Some more layered artwork

Converted some 2d drawings to some framed art for gifts. Here are the original drawings followed by the finished products




wow very nice work

Wow, those are incredible! Very nice work.

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Excellent. What a tool huh? Easy to see you’re having fun. :sunglasses:

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Wow, stunning!

Magnificent! I aspire. Absolutely stunning.

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Awesome work

The owl wins, awesome!

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Very well done.

Those look incredible! The frame choices are an excellent compliment to each piece as well. Nicely done!

How beautiful!

Very Nice!

Those look amazing, love the one with the owl

I am searching for something to add to everyone’s comments, and all I can say is, Wow!

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U R A Master!!!

Those are really amazing. You are incredibly talented!

What did you make those out of? They look amazing!

I think we would all love to see your process for achieving this incredible results! It’s really inspirational. Thanks for showing us your skills.