Somebody go buy this


These are lovely!


New one: fumed eucalyptus. Ugh, I have to stop buying materials.


Ugh. Still haven’t received mine. Kinda sad about it.


Huh, I got mine pretty quickly… have you heard from the seller at all?


I have not. I have a tracking number, but it left Louisville, KY on the 5th and it has been in transit ever since. I know I’m hard to get to, but this is a little crazy. I’ve been patient. As the Post Office is in my building, I’ll likely go ask them about it.


So update. Mine got lost. I waited quite a while, but the seller was very responsive and refunded my money almost immediately when I finally asked when we should try to deal with it. I’ll try again next week when I don’t have a holiday to contend with.


Boo… Glad the seller behaved responsibly, but it still sucks. Hope round 2 fares better (or maybe the USPS will find it).


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