Somebody go buy this

This is too pretty not to report. I have way too many materials right now, but you don’t, do you? Of course not. You deserve it.

Dooo iiiiitttt…


You are evil.

I was close but shipping doubles the price.

Yes and same here now as well. if only the burl were 1/4"I would probably go for it .

Same here. Also, is that the price for one sheet? Just wondering since the shipping is so high.

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There are 8 available. Buy a bunch and the fraction that shipping represents is reduced :slight_smile:

Also look at his other stuff. This is ridiculous.

All of his items:

Where’s @ChristyM? She appreciates a good veneer… :slight_smile:


Glue it to some PG basswood and you’ve got what you want! :sunglasses:

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I’m still in Disney World. The mouse has all my money!


I was only working there in Engineering but everywhere I went in the public area I could almost feel the hands reaching out for my pockets at every turn. Even in the Engineering area the stuff from the sandwich shop was very expensive as they had an exclusive deal that cost them a lot of money and so we got to pay for that as well.

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If I wanted that,

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1/16th or 1/8th and it would do for me… but that’s just too thin!

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The benefit here is cost of really rare stuff like burls and exotic woods. You’d use this as an inlay most likely.

I intend to glue the veneer to wood, then do a full cut through the veneer and the substrate to make a full cutout inlay rather than try to engrave a pocket type inlay. Pockets are too fiddly and too slow.

If I get to it soon I’ll post about it.


I love that idea! and I will have to try it pocket inlays are a pain.

All my inlays are full cuts. Pockets aren’t worth the trouble.


Ok, I have too much material that I can’t get through, but I ordered this. My wallet hates this forum.


Me too. Then I went and looked at his other stuff and ordered a whole bunch more. I need to start thinking up some new projects.


Spill! What did you get? You too, @jbpa

I have a hard time deciding, his stuff is really great.


Good choices :slight_smile:

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I just went with the Walnut Burl for the moment.

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