Someone broke into my house and messed with my Glowforge

OK so apparently tech vandals broke into my house this morning and upgraded my Basic to a Pro! And the jerks apparently didn’t leave the safety interlock in place!

I mean that is a very specific vandal. I personally suspect @Joe, since he has both the means and lives locally (and actually knows where I live)… Although I also highly suspect @chris1 as this seems the kind of prank he would pull. I was struggling to print this job (it kept giving errors, so I switched the SVG to a PNG (grrr) and when I finally got in (I did in fact reboot my GF) it gave me this error…

Also why won’t this SVG load (of SVGs I’ve loaded in the GFUI this is one of the smallest - the node count in AI is pretty small and not some crazy compound path or something): (301.1 KB)


That’s not good (the interlock error…)

Hopefully some glitch switched your machine to a Pro, and the missing circuit triggers the error, so it can be fixed by switching you back to a basic.

The file causes an error telling me to restart my machine, even though my machine is powered off.

It opens fine in Inkscape, and when saved out again, opens fine in the UI.

747.svg (301.2 KB)

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That’s hearsay and conjecture! You have no proof! … :sweat_smile:



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I’m so sorry for the trouble.

Looks like you’re currently printing that image, so it looks like you’ve resolved both your questions before I even had a chance.

I am curious what the resolution of the SVG issue was.

Apparently the resolution was to give the file to @eflyguy… I hadn’t thought to open it in Inkscape. Rebooting seems to have made the interlock error go away…


more importantly, what did you do to make the interlock appear in the first place?


Would still be interesting to know why the one you uploaded wouldn’t open. I’d hope support would look and find something.

A sex change not followed up with the surgery to add a passthrough slot? :roll_eyes:


OK did some more investigating. So I decided to go against lore established long ago by @chris1 which was never use “export as…” in AI, but always use “Save As” for SVGs. Well weirdy save as fails every time but export works… Sigh.


Thank you for the additional information that using “export as” worked. When you were instead using “save as” to save your SVG, will you please let me know if the settings used matched what we have outlined in the following support article? Here is a link to the guide: Quick: Saving SVG Design Files.

I mean I took SVGs that I have used in the past (on prior firmware versions) and not had an issue, and they failed (although today seems to be happier). In fact if you open the SVG that was “export as” saved and then save it corrupts it for the GFUI (the file isn’t corrupt, just don’t have a better word - i.e. makes it unslicable).

I’ve included the two files here in the investigation that I’ve passed along to the team.

In the meantime saving with the settings recommended in that support article, or as Plain SVG in Inkscape, should be a workaround that gets you unblocked.

I’m going to close this thread. If you have any files that were saved with those settings, but aren’t working in the app, go ahead and post a new topic and I’d be happy to take a look. Thanks for letting us know about this!