Something (a little) different!

The last shipment I’m waiting for was SUPPOSED to arrive today, but now isn’t coming until Monday.

There was a little piece of that driveway trough left over, and I have a Glowforge, so…

Galactic map, anyone?

With some automotive edging for a change, some details courtesy of my Glowforge

And creative use of a broken sink sprayer (with the genius inspiration that, hey… there are LIGHTS right behind there!)

It still needs some work. Greeblies, end caps, a bottom… But I thought it was coming along well enough to post.

Here’s a less moody shot that shows a little more detail:


so many interesting parts, I can’t wait to see the final assembly.


What method did you use to add colors to your map? (Acrylic paint, inset color acrylic, alcohol inks, etc.)

Love it! You have been so creative with these!


Believe it or not, that’s just colored sharpie on the engraved back side, any excess can be removed with a q-tip and a little acetone.


That is what I was assuming after thinking about it for a little longer. Sharpies are alcohol inks and work really well!

It really turned out beautiful! I think I am going to try that the next time I engrave for lighting again!


That is so totally awesome! I absolutely love it!


That is really cool! A very fun scifi display.

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I had a brainstorm earlier… Since there’s already light bouncing around INSIDE the base for that “map”, and I DID need to make some kind of end caps for it…

The only problem is that now I kinda want to rip the whole wall apart and add lights to everything!

(Though, everything IS put together with screws, so - MAYBE this summer.) Anyway:

Now to dirty this thing up…

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