Something fell out of the print head while printing!

I need help from the Glowforge gods!!


THIS fell onto my work as it was printing…

What is it and where do I get it (I’m guessing I need it)…

That looks like part of a carriage plate wheel. Turn off your GF and remove the laser head to check. You can buy the wheels online in the spare parts section of the GF shop.


…and they want $25 shipping for a $7 part?

So now I’m thinking… what other parts are good to have on hand so I can make the most out of this $25

Also, Can they be purchased on amazon?

Thanks for all of your help, you guys are awesome!!

If your machine is under warranty, customer support will send you replacement parts for free.

There are some third party options for wheels on Etsy.


Well shipping sucks but consider yourself lucky you don’t live where I live. This is what that item would cost me:

Needless to say I will have to make my own if and when the time comes.

Think also proofgrade wood or you can get the whole carriage plate for what should be the same (or free?)shipping. I don’t know if there is a free if over so much money still. I do have a bit of excess due to doing that, but all that excess is now worth more than when I bought it.

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