Something I didn't really need

But, inspired by this:

I have this transom window over my front door that had precarious mullions with pins that kept falling out. So after I saw that post, it got me thinking maybe I could do something similar.

I think this would have looked better if I had the patience to make it out of baltic birch and painted, but I had proofgrade so there you go. It is the first thing I have done and cut that fit the first time with only a one panel cardboard prototype. I bet it would have been even cooler with a passthrough, but I think it turned out pretty well.

I am finding that doing projects on the Glowforge is good for my soul… What on earth can I do tomorrow? :slight_smile:


Make some more elaborate panels (look at some of the kumiko designs shared here or on the web) for the side-light panels.


It’s gorgeous!

Tomorrow you can make a new enclosure for your doorbell mechanism that matches the transom. I keep meaning to do that and keep forgetting.


Nicely done. Tomorrow you can do light switch covers.


I need to play with those - but we have special Control4 switches so I need to get my caliper out and draw the file in Illustrator

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This is so cool! Great job! I’m inspired now haha.


Great project!


Ohhhhh, nice job!


I feel that. Sooo much. Love this machine.

Nice work!


Hello, just curious if you have had any success with the Control4 buttons and engraving them. I’ve been playing with them for 2 months and just can not seem to get it to work.

The engraved buttons you get from C4 are different to the blank buttons - so it’s not as simple as just engraving them.

You can buy engraved buttons from your C4 dealer - if you don’t have a dealer contact who can order theM for you.