Something stopped working (Noise disappeared)

Hey guys. Recently I had a problem with a “Black lid cable” which I successfully fixed. Machine was perfectly working for almost a week and yesterday I noticed that GF became very quite.

The noise which I usually had was when I turned on machine and during machine’s idling or when machine was running - disappeared. Sometimes when machine was ON and I didn’t use it for about 5 mins it could become very quite but this time it’s permanently. Doesn’t matter I use it or not. Please see the video. First part where I cut a stencil you can hear the noise ( I filmed it few days ago). Second part where machine is very quite and only fan is running on a right side.

I don’t know what happened. Machine perfectly cuts, no warnings or something. It’s just weird that the noise disappeared.
I tried to find similar topic here but didn’t find anything.

I use attached air filter almost since the purchase and had same settings.

Youtube video

Thanks for any advise !

To me, it looked and sounded perfectly normal. It does go into sleep mode after being idle for several minutes…at which time you can still hear it, but it’s much quieter. If everything is working OK, I don’t see that there’s a problem.

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thanks for a reply. I heard idling all the time since I got the machine with over 10k prints, but machine sounds sus right now. Will wait for support, maybe they will see something in logs.

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To me it sounds like the internal exhaust fan is off - that joyful silence is why so many of us get external fans. There’s a switch in the GFUI to turn off the exhaust fan (you turn the switch On to indicate you’ve got a filter). I’m wondering if that switch wasn’t flipped before?

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I removed the external fan about 2 month ago. It sounded like some kind of compressor for water. I don’t know …

The black thing in front of the white coolant tank on the left side is the water pump that circulates the water/coolant through the laser tube. That should run continuously when the Glowforge is turned on, but I can’t say I recall it making noise. It’s probably quieter than the intake fan.


Hi @Brooklyn_pro My name is Mercedes and I’m part of the Technical team here at Glowforge.

I was looking through some logs, and I watched your video. It looks like the sound that’s missing might be the exhaust fan that can sometimes stay on. When looking through the logs for your Glowforge I noticed that you have the air filter function turned on.

Are you using the Glowforge air filter by chance?