Somewhat Comprehensive Testing of Settings for Cutting Paper and Cardstock


You’re amazing, thank you thank you thank you!

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WOW very impressive. I will be referring to your cut charts over and over again.

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Extensive testing for sure. Bookmarked. :+1::+1::+1::+1:

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I tried using masking film, but it just wasn’t sticky enough. Turned out not to be worth the hassle.



This is an impressive list of test cuts, great data. I have a pile of test cuts and engraves from paper to cardboard and some wood samples too. Thank you for sharing. :+1:



When you do proofgrade stuff, there are “cut” and “score” presets which basically cut through the material (cut) or just part of it (score).

When you use manual settings the difference between a cut and a score is basically whether it goes through the material. For paper there’s an in between: not quite going through but leaving enough fibers so that you can easily tear the sheet apart by hand. All the test cuts (curve, cross, line) in a row are all done using the same settings. The goal of this experiment is to determine what settings are needed for a cut.

The photos show only the top and not whether the laser cut through, so it looks like the material is cut in all of them except for the very clearly not cut through ones. The photos honestly aren’t super helpful; I’d use the table in the top post to get a better idea of what each setting does.



Thank you for doing all this work. It make me more eager than ever to jump into burning paper in the laser. I think a lot of amazing work can be done with paper and the precision of the laser adds a lot to what can be done.



Thank you for all the great info. This is very helpful.



Amazing!!! Thank you so much for posting this!!

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