Somewhat Comprehensive Testing of Settings for Cutting Paper and Cardstock

No worse than “medium” or “thick” PG materials… :smiley:


I’m happy that medium and thick don’t claim to be exact - because they know they’re not - something like Xlb paper makes it sounds like someone did some actual measuring :-/

Except, they provide “exact” settings.

I have tried so many different tests and by far your results are the best.! Thank you. That is so helpful to all of us here on GF.


Thank you so much for creating this. Saved me a lot of brain cells. :rofl:

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Wow! This is incredible. I came here looking for settings to score my logo onto heavy card stock. I got so much more from this. Much appreciated!


Welcome to the forum.

This is great!!

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Thanks so much! Here’s my first attempt on 110lb cardstock.


That is clean. Is that cut or engraved?

Wow, that looks great!

THANK YOU!!! This is exactly what I was looking for. Made my night a whole lot easier!

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Thanks so much! Very helpful :grinning:

Hello…was wondering if anyone figured out how to prevent the burn flash when cutting paper? I am trying to cut 65lb card stock and getting the burn flash. I tried some of the setting above and still getting flash marks.

@Vicki… wow this come out really nice. I don’t see and burn/flash marks. What settings did you use? My card stock is 65lb.

@danielhertz. Did it cut all the way…or did you have to do another cut pass?

I found this to be beyond helpful!!! Thank you so much for posting. Greatly Appreciated.

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