Somewhat Comprehensive Testing of Settings for Cutting Paper and Cardstock

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Im wanting to engrave kind of deep – say 1/4 inch – need help with settings== where can I get an idea of which settings I need

You will really need to do some testing of increasing power, reducing speed, increasing LPI or multiple passes (or all 4).

They’ll all result in more power being deposited on the material which should result in deeper engraves.

What kind of paper or cardstock are you working with that is 1/4" thick??


I rarely print any of these topics because they’re easy to search and it’s less clutter around. But this one I printed to pin up for a quick grab. This is amazing, thank you!!

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This so SOOOO helpful. I just tested it out. Thanks a bunch!

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Appreciated! :yellow_heart:

Thank you for this!

Thank you for the excellent guide! Very much appreciated!!

Excellent info for me thank you. As a beginner I have put off trying different settings because I had no idea where to start and your post has not only given me insight to the settings it has given me the knowledge to do testing on my own papers. Very grateful!


I put your info onto one page, here is the PDF file:
Glowforge - Cutting Paper or Cardstock.pdf (194.5 KB)
Hopefully I am doing this right.


That’s awesome!

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