Soprano Ukulele Build

My son, Maximilian, and I have been building a soprano ukulele this summer. We are more than halfway done with the build now. Here are a few photos and video of the project so far.

In the beginning
We cut out all our parts, and bought some fret wire, tuners, strings, bone saddle and bone nut.

Step 1 - Shaping the body sides

Step 2 - Glueing some of the interior parts

Step 3 - Putting the neck together

Step 4 - Assembling body frame

Step 5 - Body side are on

More to follow
We have also glued the body and neck together. Will take some more progress photos and videos as soon as I have a chance.



Ab fab! I love the idea but haven’t even considered trying :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing the rest!


What a wonderful collaboration with your son…with the added bonus of having a very cool handmade instrument. What fun and what a great learning experience.


Thanks for sharing the journey. The “in progress” videos are great. I hope you will share the final product along with a song.


Impressive so far!


How wonderful to work on this together!


What a wonderful project. I love to see things done together with children. Was this a pattern you purchased or did you design it yourself? My youngest is learning the guitar currently but has expressed an interest in the ukulele next.


Has been fun getting Maximilian involved.

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Created the pattern from scratch. Used a few traditional blueprints I found online to help me get started.

Got the idea for the project as Maximilian will be learning the Ukulele in grade 3 this coming fall. So we decided to make one, and try to learn a little bit before school starts. No one here plays yet, so let’s see how we go.


Outstanding! Looking forward to hearing how Maximilian progresses. Please share some videos down the road.

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Body and neck assembled
Body and neck are all glued up. Really starting to look like a legitimate ukulele.

The body had a slot for the neck to fit into, mortise and tenon style. Perfect fit 1st go, love lasers!

Sorry no video of this process.


Great progress!

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Best… instrument… ever… Oh oh oh make my wall mount!!!


Thank you everyone for all the feedback and encouragement.

Made some great progress since my 1st update in August, dare I say we are almost done now.

Step 7 - Staining the fretboard and body

Step 8 - Cutting the fret wire

Step 8a - Inserting the fret wire into the fretboard

Step 8b - Filing off the fret wire ends

Step 9 - Attaching the fretboard to the neck

More to come
Hopefully we’ll have some more time this coming weekend to finish up installing the tuners, seating the nut and saddle, and finally adding the strings.


Cheee hoooo!! Looking awesome!

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Great progress.

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That’s next-level! Amazing work.