Ukulele display mount

If I spend 10,000 hours learning to play the ukulele, in theory I should master it, however if it is in the box I will never play it, so I picked up a wall mount, which was great, but then the number of ukuleles multiplied beyond what I would reasonably want to spend on display mounts…

I searched for something similar to this but came up dry, so embarked on creating my own.

It took a couple of days of tinkering/learning but I think I have an ok non-embellished cut out design.

I am using 1/8 inch Baltic Birch, and gluing layers together.

It went through a few iterations.

If any of you creative folks can take a look at the design and give me some design pointers that would be amazing!



Looks good. Also, I have a pencil cup just like that. Small world. haha


What’s wrong with the design?

That is adorable!!
(I’m in the middle of working on a tabletop uke stand right now!! Yours is much more decorative)


Just pulled my down out of my closet the other day and thought I need to display it so I have to play more often. Had a friend tell me he plays his when putting his kids to bed - sometimes I’ll sing to mine to put him out, but having the uke would be cool too. Awesome project, and thanks for making me more motivated to make something for mine!


just looking for any tips for improving it, thats all. once glued together it seems to work pretty well. I want to find something rubbery to apply to the bracket to give it a little grip so that the uke doesn’t slip sideways with a gust of wind.

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You should try


I made a guitar mount for my daughter, but the weight of it keeps it from slipping.



Looks adorable!

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This is the picture so few people post - but we all have the detritus!

I love the “put ukulele here” of the shape - if your different instruments have anything individual about their shapes (or decoration) you could make the hooks match so each one has a home of its own :slight_smile:


Great idea Thank you for sharing

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That’s a great idea (and the mount is super cute)!

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I finally had time to cut / assemble it with proofgrade cherry. tight fight compared to the baltic.

If anyone makes this I would love to see photos of my creation in the wild. Just don’t start sellin’ em! I need some sort of sidehustle :smile:


One of the best uke songs out there:


I love IZ. Gone too soon and so long.

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@dklgood and @beerfaced
That was our wedding song, 11 years ago from this coming Saturday.

I met his wife, she is pretty awesome.