"Sorry - we're having trouble calibrating. Try turning your Glowforge off and on. If that doesn't help, contact support@glowforge.com."

It’s Alive!

We’ll see if it can finish the Little Gift of Measure ruler (or whatever it’s called and I’m afraid to go back and look.)

It’s the first time it proceeded normally, the ready to go screen popped up, and I got to press the button to go.

Maybe there was just a cloud-side software issue?
Maybe the universe just wanted me to suffer some first?
Maybe my machine is partially broken and just going to randomly work unless replaced?

Dunno. But it’s making noise and smoke right now, so I’m happy. So long as it doesn’t stop and misbehave again.


Time will tell soon enough. The good news is you get to see it work even if it dies tomorrow and you have to wait two weeks for another.

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So I opted to go back through the setup procedure to make sure I’d done everything correctly and I think I solved my issue. Nothing else seemed off except the laser head. I don’t think the pogo pins were seated correctly when the magnets clipped it into place. After giving it a stern looking at and reseating it, everything is working.

I’ve had issues with similar pogo pins at work. If they’re seatted, you’re golden, if not, you have a world of debugging hurt.


If I had to bet, I’d actually bet on something was happening on the cloud stack side. Since I retried eariler and made it into my first cutting, I’ve since been able to do the Founder’s Ruler, a single Hex coaster with a kitty on it, and now a second hex coaster (I gave the first one to a friend’s son who wanted to come over and see the laser cutter.)

Some bits of weeding to do yet on the masking, but hey… better than staring at a GF that completely failed to calibrate.


And now it seems like it’s gone back to the camera not working. When I close the lid it’ll sit on Scanning for a bit, but then tell me to choose a material, and the screen shows a bed picture that’s out of date. =/

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@drathus, I’m so sorry for your problems. The real experts are investigating, but it might be worth trying with a stronger wifi signal. Either move your Glowforge near your access point, or your access point near your Glowforge. You can even tether with your phone as a troubleshooting step.

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I’ve got a Ubiquiti wifi AP (prosumer/enterprise stuff) which is about a dozen feet away, and is connected via fiber internet (1Gb down, 400Mb up.)

I was able to provide wifi to a house across the street, the GF shouldn’t have any problems communicating to the hallway outside the room it’s in.

Tho I do wish you’d have put in an ethernet jack. =/

This is what I’ve got at the infrastructure end of my home network:

As an aside, is there a certain channel preference that the wireless NIC in the Glowforge might be preferring (or more likely channels that it might be distinctly not liking?) That’s the only thing on my end I can think of is if my AP is changing channels and certain ones might be less functional with the GF.

Checking the signals from directly over the GF button:

And things seem to be moving again, the camera updated the bed picture at least.


I spoke too soon. Now it’s doing the “Calibrating Head” thing again (even though it hasn’t been turned off) and just sitting there.

@drathus, after our team’s investigation, it appears that we’re not going to be able to fix this problem remotely. Unfortunately, we believe it’s best to replace your printer.

You should have just received a separate email with more details. Thanks for all the help everyone!

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Can you confirm if the problem appears to be the camera, or it’s connection?

Communication wise it seems to be fine, ie: when the lid opens and closes, etc. However the bed image isn’t updating currently even when I tell it to manually update the bed image. It spins on “scanning” and then show the old out of date image.

Mostly I’m just curious what the log data on your end shows fault wise.

Thanks again for your assistance, and I hope the replacement unit doesn’t give me any of these headaches. =)

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I’m also super curious since my experience closely mirrors that of drathus (including the email for replacement). Occasionally I’ll see the “scanning” issue as well and the bed image tends to be blurry.

Happy to see a quick turn around on getting this sorted, but my heart hurts after being so excited only to face another wait.


I did a poor job of placing my phone for this, but here’s a video looking at the lid camera when it’s failing to properly image the bed.

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This wait will be much more bearable, I’m sure. Glad it’s being resolved for you.

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And yet Support wants to replace my machine because it rebooted, which they say it will never do if it’s working correctly.

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It has to reboot for the firmware update to take hold. During the last firmware update, I was consoled in and watched it reboot on its own to complete the upgrade. I don’t think it will reboot (or upgrade the firmware) if there is an active job running.

There is a watchdog timer that runs. If the system freezes, it will trigger the watchdog and cause a warm boot. The system keeps track of warm/failed boots and can reinstall the firmware if that happens.

Your reboots may have been that type, and that is why they wanted to replace it.


Could be. I’d love to have that level of info before I replace a machine that seems to work fine.