Source for blank laserable name tags

I’d like to make nametags for an event I’m attending later this year. Long ago, some of the older participants had someone make nametags using a bit engraver…the kind that has two color plastic, where you route through the top layer to reveal the underlayer in white.

I’m wondering if there is a laserable equivalent that I can use to make name tags for everyone else.

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Inventables has two-color laserable acrylic. :slight_smile:

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The ringlord and chewbarka both sell aluminum blanks, too, which would make quite an impression.

Johnson’s plastic also

if you use the two toned stuff, you may notice a discoloration from the top color, I use a squirt bottle of alcohol tuned to a stream to blast it out.


I have used the inventables two color acrylic. It works great. Some of it is rather thin and I put it on thin clear acrylic to give it some heft. I use the magnetic clasps. Got a box of 100 and they are very nice. CA glue into an lightly engraved rectangle in the back for the steel.

If you don’t want to go through Inventables for any reason it’s also stocked on Amazon

4 Pack, Laser-Plastic-Engraving-Sheets- Mattes White/Black 1/16 Blank Interior and Exterior Grade 2-Ply Plastic Engraving Blanks - Non Glare

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Trotec has these foil stickers. I’m not sure how well they’d adhere to clothing though. They’re great at responding quickly to inquiries if you drop a line.

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