Source for cork

Just got in the cork coasters I found on They came super fast.

They come in 4" x 1/4" and they laser really dark.
I have a 30 wt and did 100% speed and 1/3 or 33% power. No depth just color. I even wet it to see if it would run but it stayed on.

My kids are way too spoiled…my older child wanted these…lol
Now to fashion a holder.


awesome :slight_smile:

Amazon has 1/4" ones for a couple bucks more than Widgetco and 1/8" for a couple bucks less. Free shipping via Prime. I use the 1/8" ones in class so folks have something tangible to take away but is pretty cheap so if they screw up the project, no big deal. Cheaper & faster than making acrylic coasters.

Widgetco has some thicker ones that seem like I should be able to find a use for but I haven’t yet :slight_smile:


Found a few more resources with this being the cheapest, but they are back ordered… as low as a quarter each…


Yeah, those are nice and dark! Might have to pick up a few coasters somewhere soon. :grin::+1:

Most excellent job as always!


Check your local dollar store. Our local one has 6 packs.


I did but they are big miscolored chunks pressed together (recycled most likely) and not really thick…like less than 1/8" Great for give aways though!!

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I wonder how some of these would engrave (colored cork)

for less than 50 cents each - may look into these - could be coasters, inlays in a box lid - wall corkboard , etc.

( I just noticed you can buy 3x3, 6x6 or 12x12 inches - opens up lots of engrave possibilities -)


I used the 1/4" from Amazon the last weekend with my Curio. They turned out great but made me even more excited for a laser!


I can’t get over how Great cork looks awsome


Looks great to me, and thanks for the info on your source. Cork gives me ideas I hadn’t thought of before. How well does it cut? Pretty well I imagine?


I got my cork samples from bangorcork! Can’t wait to use them once I recieve my GF. The samples are about ¼ in thick with a “burlap” backing (?) (red has the hardwood backing) .


I really want to try this stuff out. Think you could make some very lovely skins for ipads etc with it.


Interesting site. I never knew they made a cork spray for coating the exterior of your home… (I wonder if visitors could just pin a note to the wall…:thinking: ) :pushpin:


Anyone else have experience with composite cork? I couldn’t make it through a 1/4".

I’ve got leftovers from a project of this material.|THD|DigitalDecor|google||pkw__pmt__product_203498861&mid=sfN3EeOPw|dc_mtid_8903yuu57254_pcrid_142853572254_pkw__pmt__product_203498861_slid&gclid=Cj0KEQjw2fLGBRDopP-vg7PLgvsBEiQAUOnIXO2FzRQ2O1kdEsZ2XrATgXgs6UqGpS7YHCVIUVry5LQaAqXn8P8HAQ

I think it will work fairly well.


Well, you guys have sparked my curiosity again. Always wondered how those cork sheets were made. I do worry about the composition of the adhesive agent.

Pure agglomerated cork is formed by packing cork particles into a mold and covering it securely. Superheated steam (600° F or 315° C) is passed through the mold. Alternatively, the mold is baked at 500° F (260° C) for four to six hours. Either process binds the cork particles into a solid block by activating their natural resins.

Compound agglomerated, or composition, cork is made by uniformly coating the cork granules with a thin layer of an additional adhesive agent. The coated granules are pressed into a mold and slowly heated (the temperature varies, depending on the adhesive used). When removed from the mold and cooled, the blocks are stacked to allow air circulation and are allowed to season.



It does (at least the roll I have) I use it for coaster bottoms. It’s a pretty cheap alternative to buying them precut.

It’s real cork - not artificial cork which is made from something that doesn’t cut well with knives & sharp implements of destruction much less a laser.

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I’ll have to look for some of that roll backing sheet to test out.

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