Spare Glowforge names


Most people have only one Glowforge, and each Glowforge can have only one name. Some people have thought of several wonderful names; others haven’t thought of a name at all.

If you have a spare Glowforge name that you’re not using, leave it here.

(And yes, multiple Glowforge units may have the same name, so it’s OK to share).

List of Names for your Glowforge!
Silmarillion escutcheon

Glow the line
Glow chateau

Pretty lame I know, but I’m not a gamer and I rarely see movies. And I haven’t read science fiction in ages.


Was going to name it MARLEY in anticipation of it “Always Be Jammin Mon”. (Can also say “One Love” inspired the name if it makes your day).

But will just do BoB, since it only seems to jam a little.

Or bOb to prevent someone named Bob to think I was responding to them.


I posted a list of alternate names I came up with last month: What's in a name? (revisited)


And that would be a good one to turn into a custom escutcheon. Make the O to fit your button.


Dan, are you able to share the most popular/common names used? :slight_smile:


1.21 GW
Old Glowry


Which one (from memory) is not a smiths song :grin:

There is a light that never goes out
Golden Lights


Steve! Lets call it Steve!

It’s a nice name.


LOL love the “Over the Hedge” reference.


I really love Glowsephine! I might use that on my second unit :wink: Then the third unit will be Daphne !! Wow did I just get ahead of myself - I haven’t even got a tracking number for the real unit…

Since my studio is Polynesian themed - and my GF stand is a repurposed tiki bar I am calling mine Pele!

I also like:
Zapp Brannegan
Lazer Tagg
Irradiated Trout
That Thing What Cuts Stuff




Just Add Sharks


I wasn’t paying attention when I named my forge, are there restrictions on length, characters, spaces?


I always loved the ship names from Iain Banks’ Culture series:


Bob was my second choice of a name. Hubby nixed it :slight_smile:


I don’t know!


Tannhäuser Gate. If you watch it closely, you can see the CO2 beam glitter.


AAAAnnnnd with that reference you win the forum for the week. Yes I know it’s your forum but you still have to perform to claim this place.


It’s your forum… I just work here.