Special characters in Premium?

Is there a way to use accents or special characters in Premium? I have a customer that has an accented “e” in her name. Thanks!

Yes, as long as the font includes special characters, you should be able to use them by either copying and pasting the text than includes the accent into the text entry box, or by using the alt code to insert the character. (alt+130 is the code for é)


I am not sure I understand the copy/paste thing (forgive my ignorance). Do I copy and paste from another program? Also, WOW on the ALT keys. I just Googled the list. Thank you!!

Yes, you could type it anywhere: a word processor, a text box on a website, an email message, anyplace that allows you to highlight the text and copy it.


In Windows there’s a feature called “Charmap” (hit the Windows key and type Charmap in the search box). It will bring up a window that shows all of the characters for every font you have. You can scroll through the font list to get to the one you want, then in the window you’ll see all the extended characters. Scroll through those until you find the one you want and click on it. Down below you’ll be able to Copy it (and then you can just hit Ctrl+V back in your design) or you can see the Alt+num combo that you can type to get the extended character.

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Solved, but for the benefit of those that don’t know: on Mac and IOS, you just hold the key for a second, and all the variants pop up. You can also do the Alt key thing - Alt-0 is º, for example.



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