Special hell plant marker

Not the usual plant marker, but after finding yet another near perfect strawberry missing–not eaten by squirrels or birds–but picked–I made this sign yesterday morning. Made a quick modification to a plant marker design I made in the spring, so not the perfect form, and found the special hell text from 1001fonts.com

While coloring the text, realized a white acrylic may have been better so the special hell font could be in red… maybe next one. And maybe add “along with child molesters and people who talk at the theater”…

And I did consider adding “horns” to the top corners–but had to catch a ferry, so didn’t have that much time to edit the file…


Now if only we could teach the birds to read. :smile:
(I don’t like them pecked either.)


Someone is picking strawberries right in your yard? Why are folks so rude? I could see if you had a whole field (still rude), but if you know there was a berry there, obviously you have a small stash.

That would be netting or shiny moving things to discourage them–but I don’t mind a sacrifice or two to the birds or squirrels, frustrating as that is, but they leave the stem or part of the berry. Only human critters pick the berry clean from the stem–and I have other reasons to suspect it’s animals that, in theory, should be able to read… :wink:

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Is that next to or related to the special level of hell reserved for child molesters and people who talk in the theater?


I don’t have many plants, and so on Monday morning I was excited to see it–but it wasn’t ready yet. Tuesday afternoon I heard some voices really close to my house–I didn’t look out my window right away, but when I finally did, saw the source was two young women walking away from my house. So Wednesday morning when I didn’t see the berry–but only the stem is was plucked from, ideas started to form in my head… Really pissed because this container is 10’ from the city sidewalk–and it’s not obvious there are strawberries there from the street angle… And I may still put some netting or cover over them, at least make it more difficult to get to them!

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Yes, that level.

Fresh strawberries are my favorite thing pretty much the best treat you can pull out of the garden. While I understand the urge to pick somebody else’s berries, It’s super wrong to act on it. That would be an ass kicking if somebody stole mine. No Quarter for those people.


That’s a paddlin’.


That stinks. I absolutely love fresh strawberries. It’s just really inconsiderate.

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HAHA! That is awesome! I like the idea of the horns!

Your next sign will read: “There is a special hell for sign thieves!”


I was sure it would be Shepherd Book, based on the title!!! :rofl:

My figs, pomegranate, blood orange, blackberry, raspberry, Mexican lime, and Meyer lemon fruits are in constant peril of passers by poaching them. I have witnessed a few of the thefts live and administered a proper scolding. Luckily no one can reach the grapes or strawberries. I made some signs this year out of slate, we will see how much that helps.

I thought of this too!

Best sign ever!

Thank you! Though I’d rather have my berries & no need for it :wink:

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We planted a “special hedge” of blackberries on the edge of our yard at our old house. The thorns kept kids away from our strawberries and raspberries, and encouraged them to steal fruit that we didn’t really care about.


I love your humor.

For many years I grew strawberries—- I grew them for all the rabbits in the yard. I really enjoyed watching the rabbits come eat the strawberries.


That’s a good trick!