Specifications removed

I see the specifications have been removed on the ordering page. I imagine there are changes all the time as designs are finalized etc. I was going to work on building my Glowforge table this weekend so I’m just wondering if there’s any timeline for putting them back in? I’m specifically looking for the width and depth. The slot height for the passthrough would be awesome to but as you’re currently working on the basic I don’t expect that measurement for a couple of months. Thanks.

For the internal or external dimensions? The cutting area is supposed to be 12" x 20"; the passthrough was last labelled as being 3/8" high but optimized for 1/4" materials.

I need the external dimensions and the passthrough height from table. I’m designing my table to include a small infeed and outfeed area.

The measurements are still up on the main campaign page, they are 20.75" deep, 38" wide. The filter has been stated as adding 7 inches, so the missing dimension for your purposes would be from the bottom of the main unit to the bottom of the pass-through slot.

Thanks… feel pretty dumb… They used to have all the specs listed in a little button when you were ordering. That’s still gone but I see thanks to you if I scroll down it lists the specs.

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Note too that the tech specs are linked from the main page, which has all that and a kettle of fish. We swapped the specs for “which should I order”, because that’s the question people were asking us there all the time.