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Yup, same schedule I got. Preordered on 7/3, so should be here for my New Years party. Who am I kidding. I’m too old to party!

I’m also not basing my Nugget Ice Snow cone business on opening on that date. :smiley:
Then I’d have to sue Opal for lost revenue if it isn’t here and I had to use my old Snoopy Snow Cone Maker to turn out product. :astonished:


The links are reversed.

I did note that the Avian Carrier RFC doesn’t mention The FAA at all. Giving the current deluge of draconian anti-drone laws being passed around the world, it seems likely the FAA will apply themselves to the vexing problem of Avians, carriers and non-carriers alike, interfering with any and all FAA stakeholders.


I believe that the GF will be the best toaster ever made, and then some.:grin:




One of my foodie friends continuously lobbies to use the GF to print his face on a steak to sous-vide.

I’ve not said no yet.


I started getting into sous vide cooking this month.
I’m thinking that you might want to sous vide it first, laser it second.
What way the ‘canvas’ is a uniform color to start with.


I think you want to do it after the sous vide bath. After the flash fry in the cast iron pan (or torch flaming it) to get the surface finish, toss it into the laser for a face - trouble is it takes a long time to raster lase a picture.


Well, if it doesn’t turn out well, then drown it in ketchup.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@dan_berry @jamesdhatch We’ve been beaten to the punch on this by these two posts.

It looks like the guy in the fancy apron and french accent in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yqx3oDlTtVk drew then cooked. After sous-vide gives you a representative final surface, searing in a graphic prior avoid your food cooling during printing.

Then again, a good sear probably erases any graphic. I’m also not putting a seared steak in my GF.

This should maybe be a new topic. If Matt an I actually do this I’ll post the results on the forum.


:scream: Why would you do that to a steak!


Ha! Great reply!


I don’t think that’s the worst part of that steak’s day :wink:


Well I don’t know what the cost difference would be but why couldn’t you replace the original basic housing with the pro housing so you could have the pass through slot so that size change wouldn’t really matter as much


The Pro version has a different laser tube.

Also, because of the slot, it changes the unit from a Class 1 to a Class 4 laser. I want to say that additional safety components are installed internally.


I thought the only reason the pro was a class 4 was because of the more powerful laser not the slots


Pass through + deep engraving supported by Glowforge is why I upgraded from basic to pro.

If they add passthrough to the basic model I’d want to be refunded that difference and go back to the basic.

I wonder about about the logistics of offering downgrades. Canceling and re-ordering wouldn’t be a functional path, the price has changed since then.


No, the pass thru is the only reason it’s a Class IV. If the Pro didn’t have that slot it would also be a Class 1.


yeah, it’s entirely due to the potential for leakage.


This is correct. The housing makes it a Class 4.


I recently downgraded from Pro to Basic without filter. I just emailed support@glowforge.com with my request, we exchanged a couple more emails to hammer out the details, and a few days later they sent me a check for the difference. They sent a check because I originally payed with PayPal and it had been more than a year since my purch… it had been a year since the original transaction.

The amount refunded was reflective of the price at the time, not of current prices. (I assumed that would be the case, but it was a question I had so I figured I’d pass it along in case anyone else had that question.)

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