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First hand experience, nice.

I wonder how that works for many request but the precedent is set. If the passthrough becomes available on the basic I likely follow you back down to the basic.

Thanks for sharing.


The basic is intended to be a Class I laser, so it can be used in schools and such, but the passthrough would automatically make it Class IV. So it’s never getting passthrough.


@dan has stated that there won’t be a retro-fit of a Basic to a pass through.

The Class of Laser change is a big issue, but he commented about other items also.


True enough. But he did mention it’s likely possible to fit and adapt the 45W to the basic. That’d be something.


Seems like they’d have to create a new category, option or purchase structure to allow the 45W in the Class 1 enclosure.

I’d imagine they stick with the current offerings as-is to ship this first batch. If the offerings expand it’s likely after the backer units are out the door.

Basic class 1, pro class 4 with optional filter on either seems like the the right way to go from the outset.

Future purchase structures may split head from enclosure as per Thomas’ info.

  1. pick the head(s) (currently basic/pro laser tubes)
  2. pick from the compatible enclosure(s) (class 1, class 4)
  3. then pick from a list of optional compatible filter(s).

That works with the exchangeable head (and likely filter) model.


I found the mentions…

  • Tom


that is what I would like the 45w tube and optics in the basic cabinet, speed + be able to use it in public.
Hope they make that an option before the ship date.