Specs update


I’m a huge fan of defaults. Most times someone more experienced or smarter than I made the call as to what it should be. If I can tweak the settings (or work around a default) that’s good too. But good defaults let me concentrate on the things I’m good at and lets the machine do what it’s good at. :+1:


Thanks it sort of makes more sense now !


Cool! If it’s not way too much to ask could you add the metrics to it… just to check I’m getting the info right… please!


a better one


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Happy cakeday @mary_jimfier


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Thanks but it’s not my birthday … =\ I don’t know what the cake means… but thanks anyway :wink:


Hey congrats to you I think I read somewhere that you are "the chosen one " hehe to receive a pre-release GF!!! And since you are a regular do you know what the cake means??


I believe it’s your 1 year anniversary of ordering your glowforge.


One year anniversary of Joining the Forum. (For the single slice.) Birthday for the full cake. :smile:

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Thanks for the update, I really appreciate that you’re being upfront about the downside. For what it’s worth, I think I’m a lot more excited about a 2" material depth sans tray than I am bummed about the slight reduction in working area.

It’s also good to hear about the exhaustive pre-ship email. Yeah, it’s a lot of info, but as a customer that’s exactly the kind of thing I want and need on a purchase like this.


Did we just invent a cacaken???


Either that or the equivalent to a Jägerbomb. I usually err on the side of alcohol, so you can probably guess which one I’d prefer.


Any chance of pro-like movement of objects in the basic 'Forge to take advantage of the non-cuttable area?

IE I have an object that is 13’’ deep. I engrave or cut the bottom 11’’, then shift it in the ‘forge to get to the other 2’’?

If I understand correctly, the pro slot features may not be enabled off the bat (haven’t been paying super-close attention since I’m getting a Basic), but once they exist for Pro it would be nice to let Basic users also take advantage in at least a limited way…