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Hoping someone here can help or make a suggestion. I have 2 Pros (home & office) and noticed that the office machine cuts a particular file in 36 minutes and the home machine cuts the same file in 1 hour and 15 minutes. Same file, orientation, settings, materials, etc. Different WiFi obviously (home is actually stronger). The office (faster) machine is about 8 month newer. Any thoughts? Is there an update or
Something I can try?


That is wild. Are you able to share a screenshot including the steps/settings?


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I am sorry, but that just seems not possible. Please share screenshots of both setups and settings. The wifi does not make the printhead move faster and that is the element that makes the difference in printing a project.


Yeah, the entire job is downloaded to the laser before the light ever blinks, internet speed doesn’t factor.


The two machines are definitely using different settings, like draft vs SD engrave, or one project was set up when the Proofgrade default engrave setting was 535/70 vs the other at 1000/full. Two Glowforge Pros set to run at the same speed will finish a project in the same amount of time, barring any “cooling down” pauses.


Thank you! I will definitely check that out. I appreciate you being polite in your response and helpful.

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