Speed setting glitch

Please fix this. I should be able to put in any speed.

Don’t think it is a glitch. The precision you request is likely to be a false sense of precision. If you are able to enter 182 and only get 180 level of power that won’t help. Also the unit does not allow lower than 100 speed. Though that could either be lack of control at the lower speeds or a safety feature.

I could not find any value for Cut, Score or Engrave that had a higher precision.


Using the old spreadsheet:

120 is 11.5 inches per minute.
125 is 13.5 inches per minute.

I could see a case for precision speed between those values on the lower end of the spectrum. On the upper end, I don’t know that it would make much of a difference.

I had guessed that as the speed increased, the gap would increase (in precision), but spot checking showed 99.5 IPM (350 speed), and 101.5 IPM as 355 speed, so same offset of 2 IPM. That’s actually the first consistent observation I’ve noticed in the speed settings.


I’ve verified with the team that you can only enter speed in increments of 5. However, I’ve forwarded your request for more granular control to our engineers. Thanks for sharing your feedback regarding this.