Spell Book Deck Box... for DND Spell Cards

Hey pals!

Back at it again with those free designs for nerds. (Curse word in the engraving on my project pics, kids beware)

Fits a deck of cards about 2.5" x 3.5" x 1.5" in size. I printed these ones out nine per letter-sized page of double-sized cardstock from http://hardcodex.ru/. This is a complete set of druid spell cards for standard 5e d&d, not including anything from the expansions, for size reference. (Art for the back of these cards was adapted for personal use from CrowCrownStudio on etsy)

Art for the front of the box was adapted for personal use only from avalon18 on redbubble and is not included in the svg for download. I put a text box on the cover there so you would know where to add your own art, but didn’t turn it into a path so the gui won’t include it if you want to upload directly.

Box is designed for 3mm baltic birch from amazon; as always, ymmv for living hinge designs.

Right click, save as image on the preview above for the file, or you can download this zip version :sunglasses: Spell_Card_Deck_Box.zip (3.3 KB)


Very nice piece!


I was thinking something for preschoolers with a picture on one side and spelled out o the other side and then noticed it was for DND


Do you happen to have a version for 1/4th? If not no worries I’m tempted to try tweaking it if that’s not available :wink:


Thank you very much.


I love this. And, i like that closure! I’ll be making it for sure!! Thanks!


Living hinges in 1/4" are very difficult. You have to remove a lot more wood to get it to bend. If you’re really focused on 1/4" I might suggest layering two 1/8" pieces instead.


@deirdrebeth I actually have a lot of experience with live hinges, it’s not so much the amount removed as it is the frequency of the hinge, you would effectivly be doubling the hinge in amount of cuts so it compensates for the woods thickness. I’ve made several 1/4th deck boxes for magic cards with live hinges and it works very well, just my experience though.


this is awesome!!! thank you!
I’m so forking excited to try this! I’ve been eying living hinges for a while…


Thank you! It’s beautiful, I will give it a try!! :slight_smile:


This I can use for my tarot cards. Thank you!


Love the closure. Nice contribution, thank you!


You are more than welcome to adapt it for whatever your needs are! I’d probably erase the f-word if I was going to use it for preschoolers though


Yeah, I have mixed results with living hinges and we can’t use 1/4" materials on our GF atm, so I don’t have a 1/4" version. You’re probably more equipped to tweak it for that than I am. :wink:

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@smccurdy no worries I’ll work some magic and send it your way for sure. If you ever want to talk about 1/4 wood let me know,

There is something wrong with Fish? C is for Carp maybe, or S is for Shirt :roll_eyes:

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Thank you so much for this deck box, it worked out perfectly for what I was wanting to try. I did make a slight modification for a rotating lock instead of the pin closure. Here’s what it became! Awesome file, thank you!


@odzicari how did you go about that type of change? I’m very curious

Can’t even figure out a way to explain it to be honest, and I’d feel weird uploading another creator’s modified file, so here’s a picture that shows what I ended up settling on and explains the bits. The fit of the cross pins ultimately ended up being a fraction too loose, so superglue became my friend. The natural tension of the flex part means it slightly “pops” open when it’s unlocked, but the little bit of tab I left on the side panel keeps the cover from sliding around when it’s locked closed.


@odzicari that’s awesome, it gives me some ideas to work with and I might be able to come up with something on my own based on this concept!

So I cut my first attempt at this for myself today, I haven’t played with any setting so far but here’s what I used for the lid art

Now admittedly this is a screenshot of my gf bed as I’m out of town on anniversary weekend vacation. So a better photo will be forthcoming.