Spinny desktop tool-holder (videos + GF selfie!)


Happy Friday! Happy to share this cool project that my boyfriend Kyle made at last night’s Laser Thursday because it’s kind of a neat story… Kyle has been coming to Laser Thursday on and off for about 1.5 years (the amount of time I’ve worked here at Glowforge). Back in the day when I started (spring 2015), the Forges weren’t nearly as intuitive to use and we didn’t have a lot of ready-made designs (Kyle currently works in blood donation nonprofits and is a hobbyist filmmaker - so he’s awesome, but like me has no laser or design experience). So, we’d make end up making really basic things like coasters most nights.

Well, things have changed a LOT, and his increasing ability to crank out more and more advanced projects each week is pretty concrete evidence of that. Behold! A spinning desktop tool holder so that Kyle can have an organized desk AND brag about his girlfriend’s awesome job.

Wow, that’s a lot of pieces…


The finished product:

And finally - a Glowforge selfie. :slight_smile:


Look out! I think there’s a black hole RIGHT behind you guys!


Very nice! That could come in super handy for keeping track of pens on the overloaded desk! :smiley:
(Six hundred pens on the desk and i can never find one when I need to write a check.)


You would need one the diameter of double car garage and double decker spiny tool-holder for that many pens. :scream: - Rich


I’ll settle for getting rid of 598 of them, and just having a couple that i can actually “find”! :stuck_out_tongue:


You still write checks? :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s one of the things like “dial a phone” my kids don’t get.


I was thinking it looks like some type of Halloween image filter!


Very nice design. Just the type of thing I hope to be cranking out here very shortly!


The snap-fit connections are great for this application — awesome!


…and don’t forget, in addition…a couple that actually still WORK! Usually, when there are that many pens, 98% of them don’t work, anyway. :frowning:[quote=“Jules, post:6, topic:3255”]
a couple that i can actually “find”!


Oooh… proof that we can capture the lid camera at the very least! (unless we’ve seen that before and I have a horrible memory)

Also, an excellent project!


Re: the ring - we’re one of those new-fangled millennial couples that just dates for years-on-end. :wink:

Re: the catalog - I can’t say for certain, but I think it’s in the running and you can consider this among the TYPE of projects we’ll have in it!


Just like my 25 year old daughter. - Rich


Great story! It shows how we all (except maybe the current experts) will grow into our Glowforges. On a side note, now I’m wondering if I’m gonna have to cover my lid camera with black tape so the bad hackers don’t use it to get photos of my room and contents! (Kidding! I plan to keep the lid closed 99.9999% of the time. Also planning to keep my clothes on while using the Glowforge!)


I confess that I had to google what is “dial a phone” :flushed:


Anybody getting those videos to work? They aren’t loading for me, either in Chrome or IE…


Promise Ring! Made with Laser!!! LOL


i right-clicked (using chrome), hit “open in new tab”, and then they downloaded.


Living hinge ring wrapped around the finger. (sorry @bailey that I started this) - Rich


Awesome Idea! hahaha :wink: