Split Monogram on Slate

I made the split monogram in Inkscape & engraved on a slate coaster.


That’s a great looking coaster! :grinning::+1:

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Thank You, It took a while to learn to split the font but it came out well. Now to do all the alphabet.


That’s a great idea. You could personalize coasters for sale. :grinning:

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Very nice! And I really like your last name—it’s so appropriate.

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Really nice engrave, can’t wait to start myself…

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Was there more to splitting the font than to rasterize it in Photoshop and cut the image in 1/2 and insert the lines and the word MAKER? Just checking in case you have a better/quicker way it would be nice to know.

Did you coat the slate tile before or after engraving? My slate tile engraves are not coming out this bold yet. I would appreciate any lessons learned — tidbits, etc.

Thank you.

Okay I designed the split monogram in Inkscape. I followed the instructions in YouTube and Bingo Bango all was fine. I then engraved on tile then I used mineral oil or you can use orange oil with bee’s wax.


Thanks for the explanation! I have made a few slate coasters, but the design was rubbing off (picked up first one with a small piece of painters tape and it pulled off some of the white)…whoops! Have you actually put yours to use … wondering how they hold up?

I use Speed-905, Power-45 and LPI-250 and mine come out great and no rubbing off. I don’t use any tape. I engrave right on the tile itself.


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I’m going to move this over to the “Beyond the Manual” section to comply with forum guidelines re: non-PG settings and keep the FNLs from getting riled up. :slight_smile:

Check out the font PN Stars and Swirls Monogram Banner Font. I think that was the first font I officially bought, from fontbundles. It does make it easy.


But your handmade looks classy!


I like the stars & swirls also. Is gratifying to make your own. I think I spent about 5-6 hours learning how to make them or more.

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