Split Top Finger Joint Box


This was made from a Fusion360 model I built some time back. Built it complete in 3D then used the Drawing feature in Fusion to generate PDF file. Imported that into Inkscape to join the lines together.


Adorable! :grinning:

(Does that open? I see a double purple layer.)


nicely done. Bet that was extremely satisfying to make!


Yes, it opens on the split seam. :slight_smile:

Yeah, I kinda glued it to my hands in the process though. Well, at first it was sorta glued to the desk then to avoid the acrylic solvent doing that, I held it in my hand while gluing… not much better… hahaha.


Neat design!


Neat!! Love that it opens.


tell me about this drawing feature, maybe I can use that to get my scroll saw bowl out ?


Wow! Scaling from jewelry to automotive, your work is an inspiration. Easy to see you are enjoying yourself!


Looks really great. Having to jump through that many conversions to get there is a bit sad though. I hope direct import from CAD files will become a reality soon…


Once you extrude sketches into 3D bodies, you can go into the Drawing workspace in Fusion, and export a PDF file. I don’t know if you will end up with a duplicate of what you got from exporting a sketch as a DXF though. When I opened this PDF in Inkscape, there were lines that needed to be joined but since everything was a straight line there were no extra nodes.

Not really. It’s the CAD package’s fault I had to load its output into another app and fix the paths that it did not join together and close the shape correctly. I could have skipped the step and loaded the PDF directly into the glowforge app and let it rip on whatever random tool path it came up with. In fact you can export the same file from CAD multiple times and end up with lines broken in different places each time.

I could have also just drawn the box completely in Inkscape to begin with and not even mess with 3D, but then it’s more difficult to adjust for size, material thickness, etc which is all parametrically driven in the 3D model.


Split top sealed finger joint box!


Love that you can take a simple box and make it look awesome. Maybe next time you’ll recreate this with your dovetail joints? :slight_smile:


I was actually thinking of this, a “throw every trick in the book at it” box!! :smiley:


Look at the tiny box…its so cute!! Looks like you used a shrink ray…lmao.
Seriously…that pretty cool. Would love to see it open.


No shrink rays here but I suppose you could call the GF a “make it really small to start with” ray. :slight_smile:


ok who’s first to make a box from a grain of rice?


I use the nitrile gloves for keeping my fingerprints off using acrylic solvent. It is in its own way, prone to crazing a different way though, but my hands stay clean and if I have a cut or something I’m not screaming, lol?


Cool…do you have a sticker hinge? Couldn’t tell from the angle but I have polyester labels that can be laser printed that might work for hinges on small projects.:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


i was thinking that leather would be great for that.


I just stuck a piece of masking tape on there for the photo. :laughing: