Spontaneous reset?


I just turned my Glowforge on, let it boot up and calibrate, and got it ready to print something. As I turned around, I noticed the status changed to “Offline”, it made that ticking noise it does on first power-up, and it calibrated again. Basically, exactly what I would expect from a crash and reboot. It’s working now, so I don’t need any help, but presuming there are crash logs, someone may want to take a look at them.

It was just before now: Sat Sep 30 16:27:49 EDT 2017


Might have been a firmware update


Same thing happened to me about an hour or so after that.


Same thing here a couple times this evening. Lights went off for a fraction of a second and suddenly I was offline.

What causes the spontaneous reboots?

So if it has happened more than once, it’s probably a crash rather than a firmware update. Hopefully nobody is experiencing this in the middle of a print.


I noted that when I came back after services this evening, I remained offline on both laptop and on desktop until I logged off and then logged back on.


The good news for me is that I only had the one spurious reset. Other than that, I’ve made more things today than in the whole month+ I’ve had the Glowforge. (Mostly because this is the first weekend I’ve really had to focus on it.) Not only that, but everything worked the way it was supposed to on the first try.

Just wanted to mention the positives since I’ve chimed in on a few complaint threads today. There’s plenty of room for improvement, but for a hobby machine it’s already doing all the things I wanted and then some. Whenever I’ve thought about owning a laser cutter I was just planning to make enclosures for electronics projects, and that’s something I haven’t even tried yet…


We’re glad to hear you are up and printing and that you are enjoying your Glowforge. We took a quick look and everything looks ship-shape!