Spray adhesive for leather to wood?

Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone has had success using spray adhesive to bond leather to proofgrade plywood? I have done a few test runs with limited success.

I have been making small cribbage boards out of PG plywood that are attached to a piece of leather and able to fold closed, but the glue up process with traditional materials is laborious.

Thanks in advance!


I have had good luck with Krylon Easy Tack. It is billed as a repositionable adhesive, but if you spray both sides it has a strong hold.


Proofgrade has a sealed finish on it, did you try scuffing the surface with rough sandpaper first?
Similarly, adhesives only work well on the rough side of leather and not the smooth/skin side.

Not all spray adhesives are equal. The best leather to leather or something else adhesion is with a contact cement like Barge or Weldwood (apply to both pieces, allow to dry separately until tacky and then press together with lots firm pressure). They’re usually sold as a canned liquid but there are some contact cements that come in spray form.


^^^This! Contact cement is my leather-to-anything go-to adhesive.


This - if I’m cutting a design into PG that will need to be glued I add a bunch of score lines across the to-be-glued area so the glue can get beyond the shiny top coat.


I will toss in another vote for scuffing the finish. a sealed finish is going to give any adhesive fits.


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