Spray paint, old light switch cover and a repeating pattern

Not that I live and breathe Star Wars fan art, but I love making simple stuff like this!


Care to share how the GF was involved?


Lasered the design onto the cover.


Did you spray paint the covers, then engrave the design?
It looks cool but the only thing I’d be concerned about is if the covers are laser-safe. What kind of switch covers are they?

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Plastic. Since it is 1 layer of rattle can, you can literally just skim the pattern with the laser. Very lightly SCORE.


The plastic those are made of usually engraves terribly, but you got great sharp lines! The extra light is probably why. Very cool, and you’ve given me ideas for the one I’ve got laying around :stuck_out_tongue:

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Excellent! Look forward to seeing your ideas soon! Here is one I did for a Tiki themed bar for a friend of mine. They look rough, but he wanted them that way.
Simple bamboo pattern, light score.


Thank you for this! I got around to doing it and now I have the best light switch cover a hockey fan could ask for :slight_smile:

I ended up doing two passes using @ovm.steve’s instructions - guessing I laid the spray paint on a little thick :slight_smile:
Sealed with a spray polyurethane and up on the wall!

The only downside is realizing that the switch itself was installed a touch too deeply into the wall so I (almost ?) cracked the case trying to get the screws to catch.


That would be true if it was an Avs logo… :smiley:

Looks great!


Luckily in NHL and most of the feeder leagues there’s so much trading that no matter which team you’re rooting for, someone on it has played for the team the other person is rooting for :smiley:

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Sadly true - I’m not rooting for the Kracken and the Flames because of people leaving the Avs for greener pastures.


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