Spray painted acrylic question

Does anyone know do I mask spray painted clear acrylic before the engrave

I would be afraid that the masking would lift the paint. I suggest you test a small area without masking and see how it goes.

Dawn dish soap. Just spread a thin layer to cover with your fingers. Rinse it off in a sink after you’re done engraving/cutting.


I think @shogun did some with this?

I have not masked mine when engraving after spray paint. Just make sure the paint is fully dry or you get mud.

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Masking engraves just causes loss of detail. There’s really no reason to do it, as masking only protects unengraved areas. If you have an area you need masked for some reason, use a light score line to allow you to lift the masking off the area to be engraved before starting the engraving.

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Thanks all I did not mask , as the directions stated :woman_facepalming: ! Sometimes I get so hyped trying something new I rush I have to say it came out beautiful. I plan on hanging it in a window. Has anyone tried using a different color spray paint like say silver to see what happens ? I’m on to trying my hand at spray painted ceramic tile now .


I ran these test last year, I hope the are helpful.

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Great article. I read that you use acetone to clean the paint off. I was wondering , would you recommend me putting it in the stubby side of a sponge and just rubbing it off ? Also I actually like the way the black looks and maybe may do some like that. Do you think a gloss would change the look ? And I took photos but will remember to switch the speed and power :rofl:

I have done several acrylic paintings in upwards of five different layers and just used higher-tack masking. (mask>engrave>paint>repeat) The paint has to be dry of course and I burnished it real well, but it worked fine for me.

Here’s examples and inprogress pics.



Wow that’s beautiful

I just use the blue paper shop towels that you get at an automotive parts store or at Harbor Freight.

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