Spring Belles Pop Up Card


Happy spring, fellow tenders of the glowing forge! I am still playing with these twisted crest style pop up cards in my spare moments. This one was inspired by some spring belles in the garden.


That’s absolutely :rabbit:!




More than :rabbit:, :egg:!!


Oh…That’s nice. If I adapt that to callilillies my wife will be all aboard! (Not that I would use that…:wink:)


Absolutely amazing

Big props from the wifu too


Super gorgeous! :wilted_flower: :open_mouth:


Gorgeous! I’d love to see it in action. How about a little GIF?


Yes, definitely needs an action shot.


I love how “gentle” this looks. Most laser designed things have such a different look and feel to them.


By popular demand:

We All Have Our Demons

I want to see more of how it works…it is intriguing!


I will see what I can do!

I did start to shoot some bits for a how-to/build video already but, I can’t make any promises on when I can pull that together.


Tutorial video for this style of card, complete with a pattern to try it:

/cc @bruceaulrich


Really cool stuff! Thanks for sharing and good job explaining in the video!