Spring Clasp


For fun today I was playing around making a clasp that would snap perpendicular for use with signs or jewelry. The first version is working well and appears to have good holding power. I think you could use one or more on a larger sign without much trouble. With a little modification one could string some Christmas ornaments together. The nice part is the sign just needs notches so if the “spring” part breaks it’s easy enough to try again with another print. Thought I’d share if anyone else wants to play around with the concept.

Made with medium proofgrade cherry…

LatchPlain.zip (3.4 MB)

UPDATE: I just noticed my original upload was 3.4MB! :open_mouth: I investigated and found an embedded image from a while back that Inkscape never cleaned up or would show in the UI (I deleted the layer it was in). I removed it with Inkscape’s XML editor (wanted to try that) and I uploaded the file below. I’m keeping the original file as an example of things to watch for when using Inkscape! Both files load in the GFUI fine – the first one just takes a lot longer!

LatchPlain.zip (1.9 KB)

Marker Tote

This is SO COOL! Thanks so much for sharing your design–I will definitely try it.


Thank you! I can think of several applications for this design.


What a great idea!

I’d recommend paying close attention to grain direction when you position the cut. With such thin clips, you’ll want to make sure that the wood grain runs perpendicular to the pressure that will be applied to it.


Thank you.


Very nice! Thanks for the file.


Good point when using it with hardwoods. When using with the ply though it shouldn’t matter since grain direction alternates in traditional ply and in proofgrade it is an mdf core.


What a great idea! Thank you so much for sharing!


This is great! Thank you!


Brilliant solution. Thanks for sharing your design - it’s perfect for fixing sideways ornaments!


Here are a few useful variations for those interested…

Latch1234.zip (4.0 KB)


Those are going to come in handy…thanks for sharing the files! :slightly_smiling_face:


Awesome. Thank you for the share.


Thanks again. These are great.


I’m a jewelry maker. Thanks for sharing! It looks like it would work in acrylic, too. FUN!


Very kind of you to share your designs with all of us. Thank you!