Square String Spool

Nothing special, but turned out to be really useful. I started to get everything together to put out my garden and noticed that my spool of string was a mess, some had slid off the end and was tangled. My first thought was to cut a couple of rings to slide onto the cardboard spool, but then I’d need to drill holes in the spool for a stop pin. Then I though, who says a spool must be round? Bonus: I don’t need to worry about the spool rolling off the table.

The holes on the spindle are for locking in the string…

Just feed the loose end of the string through the hole that best matches the diameter of the string and tie a knot or tie it around the spindle.

Then wind it up…

The only thing it’s missing is a slot cut into the rim to keep the end of the string in one place.

The file is optimized for compactness. Where two edges touch, one of them has been removed so that the laser doesn’t cut the same line twice. It has 8 pins in the file, but you can only really get 4 of them inserted, unless you shorten the pins. 4 is enough.

Hopefully this helps someone else as well…



Can anyone see the svg attachment? I dropped it in, but I don’t see it.

Looks like a cool design! Did you zip the file first? Also I always add a 0 to the size in the code, so it shows up somewhat visible.


Size was it. I keep forgetting that the svg is super tiny when uploaded.

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Yep, it’s there now!

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This is very nice but where do I find square string? :wink:


here you go lol


Excellent idea. I know I can use one or two of these. Thank you.


Useful for sure. Thank you.

You are welcome. I’ve been thinking of ways to make them stack. An offset two-layer rim would work, but I’m still thinking it over.

Cool, thanks!

Also a great idea.

And it won’t roll off the shelf. Great plan !

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An interesting design!

That was my first thought, but then I recalled my spool of parachute cord that had sat about for so long that it was square and took me a while to realize what it was.

And then I recalled my square string maker…


Thank you for sharing. It will be useful.


I think some trimmer line is made square.


Thank you was needing something like this…

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This is great, my OCD hates the bag of para-cord my husband has for my sons Cub Scout Den! This will the fix for sure!


usually next to the Thingamabob’s a short way down the aisle where they keep the left handed nails.

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