Staggered Image

I have printed multiple plaques this week and now I am getting this staggered alignment. I’ve taken the machine apart, realigned the belts, and cleaned it thoroughly, but it is still happening. I am running out of ideas and trying to get these plaques done by the end of this week.


Benjamin E. Hoffman

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What machine do you have? If you have the Aura, have you carefully cleaned the rails?


and if a Glowforge, when you reassembled are you certain you didn’t put the belt on inside out?


Positive that it was cleaned and that the belts are on correctly. I have the Glowforge Pro.

Can you take a video of it staggering? Maybe someone can see or hear something. Generally that happens when something catches or something slips.


Sadly, not. Now the camera will not capture the bed to even center the laser. I’ve had to remove the camera wire and rewire it twice now. No luck at this point.

If the machine isn’t able to move the head around properly, which it doesn’t look like it can, it won’t be able to center/home at startup which means you’ll never get to the point where it shows a picture of the bed on your screen.

Maybe this troubleshooting guide will help you take a second look at everything involved in moving the head around:



I appreciate your response. I did in fact follow this tutorial video and have done everything listed.

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