Stained birch

I am sitting here waiting for UPS to deliver my machine. While waiting I have a question…I use a CNC to make custom flags, Is it possible/safe to use birch that has been stained with water-based stain or will fumes wipe out my neighborhhood? Thanks


Welcome to the forum.
The answer to your question is “yes”.
While waiting for your Glowforge, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the search function of the forum and spend every possible minute reading posts related to your plans for using your Glowforge.


Welcome to the GF family! I agree with @dklgood - search the GF Community section and you can find almost anything you need, from what settings different people use for different materials, to what they’ve had problems with and how to fix them. This is the best, most friendly, most informative group you can find.


Thanks. Last week printed off owners manual and been reading that, watching any videos available and anything else that I can get hands on.

I will review forum guidelines; sorry if I broke any guidelines.

Have a good day.


Thanks. I glad to be here.



You did not break any guidelines and you will be well served by reading the manual and watching videos. I suspect that you are going to love having a Glowforge, and we look forward to seeing what you make.




As you wade through the forum you might like the stuff in here:


Welcome to the forum! We are glad you are here.

I hope UPS doesn’t do to you like they did to me…sent me an email at the end of the day saying, “Happy happy, it will arrive tomorrow.”


Here is a newbie tip _ KEEP THE BOX, don’t tear it apart to get to the new toy, the BOX IS IMPORTANT, keep all the parts in a ziplock bag TAPED TO THE BOX! (there are many) Store the ‘couch’ (that’s my nickname for the box) in a garage, or other place where it is out of the way, be warned IT IS A BIG BOX!!!

Welcome to the forum!!


Lol, I had visions of an apocalyptic suburb with smoke coming from one lonely vented window…


Welcome!! When I arrived I found if you just put any word in the search area, you will find tons of info related to it:-) Great when looking for nonproofgrade settings, etc. Lots of material info there too!

Thanks. Any and all help is appreciated. Don’t have machine set up…waiting for help to get it down steps.

Congrats on the machine, and I hope you got it down the stairs by now and are up and running! We’re here if you need anything and can’t wait to see what you create.

My poor neighbors… they don’t know if I am BBQing or cooking Meth.


Welcome :smiley:

Hope your :glowforge: arrives very soon!

Got here yesterday. Now I am waiting for my son to help me get the boxes downstairs. In the interim I make rustic flags on cnc.

Take care.

Attached is my most recent flag…


This is really gorgeous, very excited to see what you make with your new toy!

Thank you. I really enjoy making these…wind up giving most of them away to veterans.

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Got the machine and got hooked up. Were there supposed to be eye protection included with all of the stuff that was included?