Stainless Steel Apple Logo


So I am new to GF and I am primarily working on engraving Apple Laptops.

The newer models have a stainless steel Apple logo. I know GF does not engrave on metals if they are not anodized.

Here is a test engrave I did recently trying to percisley cut out the logo itself. I thought I had done a good job in the edit but after it was complete it is just a hair off. Not sure if it way my edit, something with the focus or what.

My main question is 1) for stainless steel can I just not worry about cropping out the logo and just let the laser go over it? Mostly concerned about the laser being reflective and causing damage to the GF over time.

Ive seen people just do a generic circle crop on their image to not have to crop around the Apple logo itself. Should I find some material to cover the logos?


Your design is great. I think your best bet would be a jig that insures you won’t engrave over the Apple logo, but I don’t believe your Glowforge will be damaged by engraving over stainless steel.


In this case the shadow effect looks fabulous!

You won’t hurt your :glowforge:, but you can hurt your computer. Specifically burn through on the monitor as it gets too hot.
If you’re removing the cover to engrave then no issue, but if not it’s best to at least try to limit the heat.

The jig is definitely the easiest method. Add a box around your design. Cut just the box out of a piece of cardboard. Drop the laptop into the cut Do not move anything and engrave the design. 100% accurate :slight_smile:


Great advice above, just wanted to say you did a fabulous job. Great design for this!

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