Stainless steel bottle openers

I purchased some stainless steel bottle openers (7" twinkie-shaped) from my local restaurant store.
They feel like they have a plastic coating on them but I’m not positive. Before I ceramark them, do I need to do anything to them?

There’s no way for any of us to know if what you bought has any kind of coating on it. Most often, those types of bottle openers are just stainless steel and should do well with using Cermark on them. If you do a search on the forum, you should be able to find many posts about marking on metals. Best of luck and have fun!

If you can’t find out - try to laser one. Just a simple engrave WITHOUT the Cermark. If the laser marks the steel, it’s coated with something. If not…

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they may have a coating or a laminate applied. If it were me, I might try going outside and putting a flame to one to see if anything burns off.


The Glowforge will mark steel and stainless steel, without a coating. works quite well actually!

Really? Wow… I always thought that it wouldn’t mark most metals. Now I’m going to have to try… I stand corrected! (Although you could still try with a low power setting and see if it burns away a coating first…

(Now to find out what that “damp paper towel method” is about…)

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There was a whole lot of experimentation back in 2017-2018 here on the forum. we tried, mustard, vinegar, and all kinds of crazy stuff. when my wet paper towel dried up and blew off, I realized that it’s all mostly unnecessary :grin:
of course, it will depend on the metal. it appears that the carbon content might play a big role.
search for “metal engraving” or “metal etching” here on the forum and enjoy the rabbit hole! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
here’s one from another thread that has the stainless bottle opener example: Etch Steel with... apparently you only need a wet paper towel. No mustard or vinegar. lol

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Well, here’s one that happened accidentally because I forgot to put the LaserBond on the metal before engraving. These are actually stainless bottle openers…and there was absolutely nothing put on them beforehand.


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