Stamp Making - Settings, materials and Glowforge vs Silhouette?

Hi, my business is finally getting some traction after 7 months but I am getting some cool/random requests.

Today I was asked if I could make a stamp that’s 5"x7". Of course, I said yes but now I need to figure out how!

Size: I read in another post (I’m so sorry to not give credit but that was about 50 posts and 2 hours ago :wink: that said ink pads max out at 4"x7" so the community has already saved me from one mistake.

Material and Settings: I’ve seen a lot of different suggestions for settings and materials and I’m a bit lost. This is time sensitive so I am tempted to use the famous “Orange Rubber Stamp Sheet” from Amazon ( but I just recently bought a Silhouette and in my searching came across a stamp making kit for that too ( Has anyone tried both? Is one better than the other?

The Block: I saw that someone used clear acrylic to make a block another used wood. Both would work well but I am wondering if anyone has been able to source a traditonal wooden handle block like this:

Thank you SO much in advance for your help!


I haven’t made stamps, but this post (Rubber Stamp Lessons Learned) has both the initial post, and a bunch of links in the responses
Hopefully you can find your answer there!


I was just looking at these the other day when I was working on my coasters.


You don’t need a stamp pad that is as large as the stamp. We stampers routinely use itty bitty stamp pads to ink up our stamps. Just make sure that the inked surface of the stamp pad sticks up a bit above the case it’s in, and tap the pad reapeatedly all over the stamp. Here’s a video:


It’ll partially depend on your artwork. Silhouette’s stamp kit is cool but it’s not great for fine details or lettering. Think of it as an computer aided potato stamp or lino/woodcut. Silhouette makes a different thing called Mint that’s excellent for finely detailed stamps. The machine is cheap and very easy to use but the supplies can be expensive.

Since you already have a GF lasering will give you more flexibility

And as @cynd11 said, your stamp pad can certainly be smaller than your stamp and work just fine. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I had a Mint and I wasn’t impressed. Yes, it can make fine details, but it’s self-inking and so you can’t easily change colors or color in specific areas. I recently sold mine.

And ditto on the ink pad situation. You can even use markers if you work quickly.

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Yes true, I forgot to mention that self inking thing. Hard to change the inks but you can put different colors on different spots. I like the detail achieved but use is indeed limited.

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I did manage to ink specific parts of a stamp once, but it sure was a pain. Cool concept, but I don’t understand why they made it self-inking. That was probably my biggest craft gadget disappointment of all time.

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Note that you can also make your own stamp pad in any size you like. I used to just soak pieces of felt with the ink I wanted to use and, it worked great.

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Oh man I wish I could say the same! I’m such a sucker for gadgets I’ve spent way too much $ on crappy ones! For my very specific use case of emergency prop making it’s a handy thing to have in my kit, not for fine art.

(Ps-i don’t think Silhouette made many choices, the Mint is just a rebranded Casio Pomrie)

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Interesting… didn’t know that!

As for disappointments, I was REALLY excited for the Mint. To be fair, I guess, it does what it does pretty well. But as a paper crafter, it was easier and much cheaper to just print stickers for almost anything.

Anyway, I’ve totally hijacked this post (sorry!).


Is this making props for simulated emergencies, or making props in a hurry?

Anyway back on topic I have made exactly one stamp with the grey rubber and it worked out fine.

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I just assumed emergency prop making was…

“If we don’t act fast the terrorists are going to wipe that town off the map. Ekla, you make a fake bomb detonator, then I’ll sneak around behind them and swap it out for the real one. That’ll buy us enough time until special ops arrives.”


That is so helpful. Thank you!

:laughing: mostly the second one but a little of the first and sometimes @caribis2’s idea too.