Stamps For Packaging

I really like packaging and since I’m opening my store soon I wanted custom looking stuff. I used the info from This Post
but one problem was that for whatever reason it didnt cut the stamp out completely, so 2 passes instead of one.

I used this block printing ink for the packages but I only like it for the black ink, the white doesn’t look so great so I’m still looking for nicer white ink.


VERY sharp! (Heh - you’re punny)

Does the white ink just not show up enough, too clear? I wonder if it’s a thickness issue. I use acrylics for pretty much everything and the amount of water changes the look pretty extensively


I love packaging so much. Nicely done!

Nice custom stamp! :grinning:

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You’re so edgy… :smile:


Ooooo, I love to see rubber stamps being done! Very cool.


The white ink is super thick, even when thinned, idk I’m going to try a couple different things and then update the post.

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Great work! I’ve got to focus on my products, but I do sometimes venture down the rabbit holes of booth set up and packaging. Inspiring work.

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It’s great to see what can be done with stamps. I bought the materials to do that, but the went in the “too lazy to get around to it pile”. I’m kind of motivated now to dig them back out.


The custom packaging will be a nice touch. I keep forgetting to buy rubber for stamps…