Standalone Control App

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I convinced a local private school in the area to pull the trigger on a 'forge. Their IT gal (and a long time friend of mine) asked an interesting question. Aside from the plug-in is there going to a standalone app that can side-load a desired file type to the glowforge?

They have a web based image editor that was designed in house that can also handle create/edit SVG’s. They would like to create a 'Glowforge" button that would fire up a local app, and receive and sideload the image/file that is currently being worked on via their page. Then the local app would take over.

This is most likely a ‘currently in the hopper / going to be added to the hopper question’ But I wanted to put this out there just in case this was not on the radar.


I would think that one could integrate a process from their software to send it to the GF software.

Not quite as specific as an app to do it, but I for one would like to hear that the Glowforge cloud service will offer a web-based API, using something like JSON.

That way a person could make some Python code that pulls data out of a database and queues up a series of cuts with specific data applied.

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We don’t have any plans to bypass the server and “sideload” files directly onto the Glowforge - it wouldn’t know what to do with them, since it doesn’t know how to process SVGs. But if you create an SVG with the in-house app, it’s very easy (drag and drop) to put it in the Glowforge UI.


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+1 for a public API that would allow people to write print plugins for arbitrary apps

The Illustrator plugin you guys have already written must submit data to your servers somehow. It would be nice if people could use the same API in the future to add print plugins for apps like FreeCAD


+1 for an API that I can call using a key (OAuth or otherwise) to send jobs to my device.


Great - will put that in the feature request hopper!


@dan thanks.