Stanley Tumbler Topper for the Original Style Tumbler

I looking for the template that I would use to make a Stanley Tumber Topper for the original style tumbler. I don’t know how they differ from the current ones. I don’t even have the mug. It is a request I got from someone. I don’t have the tumbler in hand to try and design it myself. Any one have a template?

Welcome to the community! That’s not something I’ve never heard of, but it’s possible someone does :slight_smile:

I presume you’ve also tried an internet search?


Welcome to the forum.

The files you are looking for are for sale on Etsy, I believe. In addition, there is a 40 oz. Stanley topper in the Glowforge catalog.


The problem is I need a pattern for the original style Stanley Tumbler. The ones on Etsy just say 20/30 or 40 but they are the style of the newer tumblers. None of them say, for the original style.


You can reach out to the designers, they’re usually happy to answer! They may not think the older style is popular enough to have the pattern up, but they may have it available.


Good idea.

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