Star Wars Ornament 2

Ok, second post…same topic.

Here’s the second production ornament that I designed for the 'Forge. This one hops on the emotional train we all rode when Han said: “Chewie, we’re home.”

I had loads of Photoshop work to do on the portraits to get them ready to laser. I also had to move Chewie closer to Han to get a decent composition.

My first design didn’t have any detail on the Falcon other than its outer shape. I added the surface engraving afterwards, and I really like the results.

All it needs is a bit of ribbon and this baby is ready for any Christmas tree.



That’s great–my geeky heart is envious!


Looks soo amazing!

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Wow, really nice job! I’m thinking this kind of thing would look super cool if you applied some Oracal 352 chrome or gold polyester film to the wood before cutting/engraving/scoring. I’ve had great results from the gold film. Here’s links to what I’m talking about:


How do you use that product? Is it self-adhesive? Does the glue and film laser well?

I gotta say, that idea is intriguing.

It’s a very thin film that is self adhesive. Comes on a nonstick carrier paper. You apply it to the board before lasering. It lasers very well. Here’s how the Glowforge keychain looks with it on Draftboard:



Do you then mask it, or cut/engrave without a mask?

I’ve done it both ways, works fine. If you don’t mask, it’s a little hard to wipe the wood engraving ick off the surface of the gold film. I use alcohol wipes.