Start point of score - overburn status?

At the start of a score line, the Glowforge will almost always over-power before settling down and finishing the line at the correct power setting.

The result, especially on card-stock, is that while most of the score line is correct, at the beginning it cuts through (which makes the piece look pretty bad).

As far as I know this has always been the case with my machine, and I think others have reported it too. Is this an active known bug that’s being worked on?

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It’s a pierce point. The full energy is being absorbed by the material surface momentarily until the material is pierced. There are ways to design around it. I have no idea if it would be considered a bug or if they are working on software controls to create settings for this.

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Thanks for the message.

To create a score line, the laser lowers its power and moves quickly along a path. It’s like a cut that doesn’t go all the way through. When it slows down to make a corner, the laser can score more deeply, making a dot. Addressing this is on our to do list.

As an alternative to using scores, you can engrave your image. This is slower but does not create dots. To convert your design from a score or cut to an engraving, follow these instructions.

To convert to an engraving in Inkscape (What’s Inkscape?):

  • Open your file in Inkscape
  • Select the part of your drawing that you had previously scored
  • Choose Edit > Make a Bitmap Copy
  • Inkscape will make a bitmap copy underneath the original artwork
  • Click the top shape to select it, then press the delete key
  • You’ll be left with the bitmap copy
  • Save your file as an Inkscape SVG
  • Return to and upload your new file

In Adobe Illustrator:

  • Open your file in Illustrator
  • Select the part of your drawing that was set to score
  • Choose Effect > Rasterize
  • Select “Grayscale” in the Color Model drop down list
  • Choose “Transparent” under Background
  • Press “OK”
  • Save your file as an SVG
  • Return to and upload your new file

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