Starter Pack timing

My GF will be delivered tomorrow. Yeah!!

I’ve seen several posts where the starter pack arrives before shipping/delivery of their GF, but so far I’ve not received any tracking information on the starter pack. Has anyone else received their GF first? If so how long did it take to get the starter pack?



The unit and Proofgrade come from opposite sides of the country. When the GF leaves the factory is almost a random time for the customer. We will never be able to accurately predict that.

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Thanks, I didn’t want to send an email inquiry if this could be a normal condition.


My proof grade materials were sent out two weeks ago, and my Glowforge was sent out yesterday. To my surprise, they will be delivered together, tomorrow afternoon. Yeah, two day Glowforge delivery! (I think Glowforge Prime shipping has kicked in😉) I should add that I’m located in Oregon and ordered a Basic with Filter

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It’s not unheard of. There seems to have been a spike in this that coincidentally or not coincided with a change in the box they use to ship the starter pack that they are rolling back.

Check your office at Princeton

My PG came day 1
Crumb tray came the next day
GF came the following day

I am east coast not sure if that makes a difference

I had all three packages show up at the door on my projected golden email day. I had expected it to arrive about now three weeks after that date.

My GF and tray arrived this evening. I’ve pulled it out of the box and set it up on the bench, but I’m letting it stabilize to room temperature (it spent the day in a 40°F truck).

The bad news; I’m leaving town for a week, so it will be next week before I hook up the ducting and actually finish setting it up. Maybe my materials will arrive during my absence. :grin:

My starter pack arrived about 10 days after the golden email. Still awaiting for the Arrival of GF.

I received the UPS tracking notification today for the starter pack.


If normal PG orders ships from the same location, as the sample pack, life will be good. Tracking shows one day shipping.
(UPS picked up at 9:46pm last night, and estimated delivery is by 3:30 today.)

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Yes they do.

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